Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who'd Win in a Bar Fight? Nickels? Or Rickles?

We all know that Mayor Greg Nickels likes to have things his way. But just how far is he willing to go? Gouging eyes? Biting noses? Head butting? Just how fucking tough is he, really? So, here's this week's poll. Who'd be the last man standing in a down and dirty bar fight? Seattle's developer friendly Mayor Greg Nickels? Or beloved insult comedian Don Rickles?

The people have spoken. 25 of the 796 people who visited this blog last week weighed in on this very important issue, and four out of five agree: Don Rickles would kick Greg Nickels' ass in a bar fight. Don Rickles is the biggest bad-ass!


Dr. Wes Browning said...

Which one had the balls to make fun of Sinatra to his face, the first time he saw him in an audience, even before he knew the man? There you go. Nickels would be shredded. He wouldn't even survive the pre-physical verbal abuse.

Paul Allen said...

Tim Harris-I will not allow you to make me choose between the two men I love.

jean godden said...

hmmmm, who is this articulate and attractive dr wes browning. there is something appealing to his mincing of words.

weirded out said...

Another weird choice given by Tim Harris. Why do I read this blog?

Tim Harris said...

For my sober analysis?

donna.pierce said...

I dunno, I'm too serious, I voted for Nickels because of the two, he's the one with power to screw people over.

Mark said...

"down and dirty bar fight" The comedian Rickles is pretty old. If it were a young Rickles I would say definitely. Due to Nickels younger age I do believe he would win, though I voted for who I would want to win Rickles.

Dr. Wes Browning said...

Paul Allen? Jean Godden? I smell sock puppets!

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