Thursday, November 22, 2007

Best Eyes: Winona Ryder or Ogre Spider?

Some people have complained that these little weekly polls are stupid and irrelevant. As if I should be polling people on my blog about things that actually matter. Hello? The point is to keep myself amused. This is something I take very seriously. This week's poll: Who has the most amazing eyes? Shoplifting Golden Globe winner has-been Winona Ryder? Or the unearthly Australian Ogre Faced Spider?

A full 31 of the 702 people who visited the week of this poll declared the Ogre Spider's eyes the most amazing. You did the right thing.


Greg Nickels said...

These polls do suck Tim. You have good taste in music, you can always surf youtube and find your readers something interesting.

Check this out:

Mrs Greg Nickels said...

I told Greg to post these not those awful household hint things.

Tim Ceis said...

I've tried to tell hizzoner and mrs hizzoner not to post household hints or iggy stuff, but instead to do a true community service and post videos like this.

Dr. Wes Browning said...

Enough is enough, Tim. Sock puppets, baby shaking, household hints, tom waits and his sick perverse friends -- it's time for an intervention. I hope yours goes better than this guy's.

ron sims said...

Wow, you guys need help. Drugs maybe.

mrs ron sims said...

It's ok ronnie, they're all impersonators. Happy Thanksgiving.

Jean Godden said...

Mark said...

Learn to imbed links you sockpuppets! I can't stand all this copy and pasting of youtube URL's.

Wikipedia how to Hyperlink

Mark's Mom said...

like this?

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