Saturday, November 3, 2007

Speaking of Being Fucked ...

Dr. Wes Browning was assaulted by some asshole "security" guy for pricing a jar of honey last night. This sort of thing doesn't happen to people like me who shop wherever organic vegetables are sold. It happens to people who look poor, live in poor neighborhoods, and pay way too much for food in shitty mom and pop stores. Sorry Wes. You could either bring civil suit, or just wait a few weeks and throw a rock through their window. I'd sue. But I'm just afraid of getting caught.

This, from his follow up post a day later:
What happened to me last night is just exactly what you'd expect to happen in a city that willingly allows downtown businesses to operate their own corp of bicycle cops unaccountable to citizens.

Seattle is a city, by and large, of cowards. Cowards who are afraid of even the sight of poor people in their midst. I've seen middle class Seattleites cross the street wide-eyed with fear, to avoid passing people on the sidewalks who look homeless. The city is now engaged in a war on the visible homeless, taking the war even to the places where they try to hide out of sight. It's appropriate that Greg Nickels is our Mayor. You want a coward to be a mayor of cowards. ...

Land of the Free my ass. More like Land of the Cowards.

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Dr. Wes Browning said...

In an environment where all poor people are disposable and subject to long prison time for petty and non-violent crimes, or for just being homeless, is it any wonder that some thugs would exploit the situation for gain?

My assailant last night was either a vigilante promised pay under the table by SaveWay, or he was a mugger pretending to have caught a shoplifter to cover up a mugging that was interrupted. Either way, it shows how the real thugs can turn the oppression of the poor to their advantage.

It's a war on the poor, and there are profiteers at all levels. There are even poor people ready and willing to sign up to do their brothers and sisters in.