Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mark Lanegan, 2004

I've been obsessed with Mark Lanagan's Field Songs and Bubblegum albums lately. This guy's voice is like whiskey and codeine. He's the Sinatra of Rock & Roll, with more than a little Leonard Cohen thrown in just to make it interesting. There's this combination of grit, technique, intensity, and just plain genetics that rarely come together in one person, and smart, complicated songwriting too. This performance of Wedding Dress, off the Bubblegum album, from Irish television in 2004, is one that I can't stop watching. Mesmerizing. I don't know who the guy on guitar is, but he's fucking amazing.


Mark said...

thanks for the new music

Anonymous said...

if you like his old stuff, you might dig his new collabo with Soulsavers on their new album, Its Not How Far You Fall Its The Way You Land.

its heartbreaking and stunning.
you gotta hear it.