Thursday, November 1, 2007

Which Catholic Intellectual Would You Date?

Last week, we asked whether killing fruit flies had karmic significance. Over the course of seven days, a whopping 38 of the 877 visitors to this blog weighed in and settled this pressing issue for all time. 55% said no, and that we may kill freely. 31% felt the answer was hidden deep behind the veil of appearances, and that it might or might not, and a mere 13% said that all life is sacred.

It sort of bothered me that only about 4% of you voted. Maybe the question was too hard. I decided this time to ask about something we can all relate to. So here it is.

Which radical intellectual who converted to Catholicism would you most like to date: Dorothy Day (at left), the journalist turned activist who founded the Catholic Worker movement, or Simone Weil (at right), the overwrought "red virgin" philosopher mystic?

The readers have spoken. 2.7% of the 1,116 visitors last week declared Day is hotter than Weil, and well-grounded radicalism wins out over self-absorbed intellectualism by a 2-1 margin. Thanks for clarifying.


Dr. Wes Browning said...

Wow, that's a hard one. I mean, Simone Weil had the good looks, the brains, and the all-important imagination to give me the kind of good time that I be needin', PLUS, her brother was one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th Century, so we'd have stuff to talk about over pizza, after the movie.

But then, I'm thinking, Dorothy Day could probably cook, and I'm not talking about the kitchen. She could get it done, if you know what I mean. She was some kind of anarchist babe, but she was more than adequately competent.

So I'm torn between the one who gets my juices flowing, and the one who knows where to pour them.

I want to go out with Weil and come home with Day.

Anonymous said...

Catholic girls in general are often stereotyped as fun dates. Who knows what goes on with mystic types when the doors are closed. Worker types are another story. Who would you want to grow old with might be a better question. I don't date girls, but I would be happier with Dorothy. Simone would probably want me to suffer.

Bruce said...

Dorothy has a new movie out about her:

Haven't seen it yet, but I've always said somebody could make a great documentary about her and the Catholic Worker.

In Tacoma, we always wanted to make a musical about Dorothy, it'd be called "DOT: the musical," and would be really good.