Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still Time to Vote: Day or Weil?

Yesterdays election is over. Herrell decisively trounced Venus "what the fuck was she thinking" Velazquez, and Tim Burgess banished Dave Della, who didn't even drink and drive or accept a huge bribe from the downtown interests during his campaign, by an even bigger margin. All of that's finally over with, but you can still vote on the big issues right up until about 9:30 tonight.

Which radical intellectual who converted to Catholicism would you most like to date: Dorothy Day (at left), the journalist turned activist who founded the Catholic Worker movement, or Simone Weil (at right), the overwrought "red virgin" philosopher mystic?

As always. look to the top right of this blog to cast your vote. Day or Weil? It's up to you! This poll closed. See the original post for the winner.

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nonvoter said...

This is dumb.