Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Mind Is Read By An Angel

I'm sitting on the couch paging through the blog, looking for music videos I've posted so that I can tag them "music video." I'm OCD. What can I say? Twin B, my four year-old, sits in a chair across from me, singing in a free-associative sort of way to Grouchy Care Bear, Mousey, Teddy Bear, Arthur's sister, and Chomper, who have been assembled on the couch for circle time. Just as I scroll down to our Crescent Lake vacation photos last summer, Twin B who can't see my laptop screen, starts singing, "We're going to go to Crescent Lake. We're going to drive our car, through the mountains." I look at her. She looks at me. "Is that weird?" she asks, lifting an eyebrow. "No baby, it's not weird." But really, it was. In a really cool way.

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Mike said...

Hey Tim

Figuring out an explanation for everything is one of my nerdy hobbies, so I have a passion for first person accounts of things that are "unexplainable."I've heard many stories of children under about 5 knowing exactly what a parent is experiencing without the aid of cues or communication as we know it.

Laying in my mother's lap, unable to see out of the car (back in the 50's, when you could still do that) I started asking about the accident we were coming up on at the side of the road. Ten years later, my little brother asked her why she was wiping her eyes, as she stood with a running shower drowning out any audible cues and with a solid wall effectively blocking his view.

"How can this happen?" is the obvious question. To me, however, it's more interesting to ask, "Since it happens repeatedly, why don't we do it more often?

Either way, it's good for hours of rollicking speculation and thrilling hypothesizing... for some of us.