Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Real Change Ain't No Turkey Dinner

We’re nearly half way through the Real Change winter fund drive and things aren’t looking so good. In many ways, we’re hitting on all burners. Papers are selling like hotcakes. Circulation is up this year by 16%.

Our new Real Change Organizing Project is working toward an exciting re-invention of homeless advocacy to address our common economic vulnerability on issues of housing affordability and growing inequality, as well as the human and civil rights issues that threaten us all.

Building upon Real Change’s key asset — our vendor-reader relationships — we’ve created a long-haul organizing strategy that builds for power. The keynotes of our organizing are leadership development, direct involvement, and cross-class solidarity.

Our new cultural projects will tell people’s stories through video and street theater to add an exiting new dimension to our long held mission of being an authentic voice for those in need.

We’re on fire, but one thing is missing. You guessed it. Money. Our work has outgrown our resources, and we need your help to come into 2008 on solid footing. Real Change has set a goal of raising $90,000 from our readers over November and December. Closing in on the end of month one, we’ve raised $17,335. This is a good beginning, but we need to pick up the pace. We’ve done it before, and with your help, we’ll do it again.

We’re keeping it real, focusing on the work that desperately needs to be done. Let the other homeless programs fundraise over the holidays for turkey dinners. We have our eye on bigger game. Please help us spread the word, and make a donation today.


Dick Cheney said...

Oops, I thought this was your personal blog, Tim. What's with the fundraising for Real Change? Shouldn't that go on the Real Change blog? Or do the rules get bent when $s are low?

It's ok to tell the truth.


katia said...

I hope you include some of the homeless street youth in your video stories. I'd be happy to assist with that as I know many of them personally. And we don't hear about this population nearly enough.

lynne v cheney said...

dick! you forgot to tell them that i wrote the book on telling the truth - Telling the Truth - Why our culture and our country have stopped making sense-and what we can do about it (Hardcover), as little as $2.90 used from Amazon.com