Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Shrewd, Desperate, or Stupid?

Just a friendly Apesma's Lament reminder. You have until about 10 pm this evening to add your few cents to the weighty subject of Mayor Nickels and his policy on Nickelsville. Steve Scher cornered him on KUOW Monday. Maybe I'm biased, but I think Nickels came off as the meanspirited, vindictive, pool of snake-oil that he is. Not that I'm trying to skew the poll, or even that the poll matters. It doesn't. This is just how I keep laughing, as opposed to dissolving into a smoldering pit of frustration and rage.

By the way, the shrewd option has strangely come from behind over the past day. At least someone gives a crap. Vote at top right.

The Poll Is Closed: The Mayor's tack on Nickelsville is mostly stupid, somewhat desperate, and yet, a bit shrewd. 37 people voted.

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Mike said...

I was the first to vote in this latest Nickels poll, Leaving the comment that I'd voted "straight stupid." Since then I have read "Power at the Local Level: Growth Coalition Theory" (G. William Domhoff, University of California). And last night I did a little strategic thinking. I still believe that continuing to foster such hostile antipathy toward the homeless in Seattle is myopic and cruelly stupid, but there is a shrewd possibility that I was overlooking: Sometimes a bad reputation can be useful.