Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My First "Gig."

Hey! Someone actually invited me to play music, like, in front of people. I'm expected to play the anthemic "I Like Pink," and maybe a couple of other songs, which means I'll have to actually learn them. I record songs and usually forget them immediately. Play some chords, ad lib a vocal track once or twice, maybe throw on a lead, and it's done. Usually by the time I want to play the thing again, if I ever want to play the thing again, I've forgotten the chords. Maybe I should practice? You should come. It'll be fun. And it's $10 for Nickelsville. God knows they need your ten dollars worse that you do. Nov. 15, 7 pm, Q Cafe, 3233 15th Ave., W. Seattle.

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Dustin Cross said...

Thanks for posting this bro. looking forward to it. let me know when we can meet together and discuss the event.

Dustin Cross