Tuesday, October 7, 2008

City Agrees to New Deadline

Northwest Justice Project and the City of Seattle have reached an agreement to extend the Nickelsville campsite clearance deadline to Friday to align with United Indians of All Tribe's request that the encampment move on by Friday noon. Nickelsville organizers have agreed to vacate the site on Friday to meet the new deadline.

“My clients are very grateful to United Indians of All Tribes for their support of the encampment,” said Eric Dunn, an Attorney for Northwest Justice Project. “Their commitment to let them stay gave us the opportunity to bargain with the city for this extended deadline.”


Trevor said...

If it moves every 5 days, should we go back to calling it tent city?

doe-nut said...

interesting that the lease for 99 years includes the right to temporary camps on site. pays to read the fine print. not that anyone can exercize their rights these days