Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nurture The Grassroots

As the stakes get higher, Real Change is more and more about taking risks and speaking truth to power. It doesn’t really matter if the thin-skinned Nickels administration hates us. Our funding comes from people like you. We are uncompromised. We have the freedom and the capacity to mobilize, and we’re getting better at it all the time.

Back last November, we “went activist” with the launch of the Real Change Organizing Project (RCOP). Since then, we’ve led the grassroots response to the Mayor’s homeless sweeps policy and, more recently, taken on the related issue of incarceration and poverty in Seattle. This week, Real Change was honored by Washington State Jobs with Justice for “leading the movement for social change.” Not bad for RCOP’s first year.

When you’re out front, it’s wise to look back over your shoulder every once in a while to see who‘s with you. My experience is that for every supporter who says you’ve gone too far, there are two more who say you got it just right, and someone else who thinks you haven’t gone far enough.

Soon, we’ll get to see how we’re doing. Real Change's Annual Breakfast (click image above to enlarge) is a time to gather, celebrate, and support our critical work. This November 12th at 7:30 a.m., noted Seattle poet, author, filmmaker, and 2008 Stranger Genius Award recipient Sherman Alexie will join us at the University of Washington for an inspirational wake-up call to the grassroots.

Last year, we had close to 500 people. This year, we want to double that. This is about more than just raising money. This is a grassroots show of power and support. Are you with us? Tickets are $50. A table of ten is $500. Help us be strong. Call (206) 441-3247, x201, or email development@realchangenews.org

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