Sunday, June 22, 2008

Why I'm Voting Republican.

This speaks for itself. The close credits affirm that "No Republicans were harmed in the filming of this video."


John Sulmonte said...

This may sound like indifference to some, but since there are not post on this subject. I say to all, I am not voting Democrat (state elections). I find it interesting that no one mentions the idiots at the State level here in fabulous Washington State. They have as much to do with what is happening as Nichols and his cronies.
We have the Most currupt Dept. of Health and Human Services who do has been shown to abuse, push out onto the street the most vulunerable and no one but he times even did a story of their corruption. They do nothing but feed off the poor, homeless, disabled and collect our tax dollars to feed their Huge Depts., Agencies ETC.
Yet not one person has tried to hold accountable the State or the Person Called "Christine" who when it come to the poor and abuse of the poor and homeless, has not opened her uglg F----- mouth. She makes me sick to my stomach, she has allowed over 17,000 new STATE jobs to be created while she has been in office and in a time when there are few real job for real working people. She has never addressed in any real manner the problems facing the people of Washington and having been a life long Dem. I am voting for Dino Rossi because the current state government is just as bad or even worse when run by the Repubs. So I just wanted to put my two cents in and say that the Progressives in Walling ford, well, just visit the neighborhood and see what they would do if 50 or so homeless showed up in their backyards, and did not leave. I think I am just getting sick of all the talk and nothing has changed AT ALL. NOTHING and even though Tim You are out there I have been screaming via mail, phones calls, emails. been to court and called a threat for voicing my concerns of abuse. Seattle Justice system is so corrupt it disgusting and surprised the Feds have not stepped in. Police Corruption, WELL documented on our airwaves, Abuse of disabled and homeless WELL Documented our our own airwaves. The Stories come and then we hear no more. So to those who really care like Tim. WE need to start holding the STATE REPS and Governor responsible for everything as most of the monies that come from the Feds to the States then passed to the Cities, not to mention STATE tax dollars passed to all these STATE agencies who "Help" (LOL) then there is nothing left after they feed, then they abuse because there is no more money left, and their jobs are far more important than actually fulfilling the mission of their particular Agency, BUT no one cares where the real problem is. I assure you these Government Employees at all levels have their homes, Great Benefits all at our expense and we only focus on the Pig Nichols, he is nothing this the big picture which is why I am starting to wonder what is really going on in our State??> Because things are getting much worse all over the State.

OH the picture of the little girl is probably the realist expression of what many feel about Hilary. SAD she could not be REAL>

Sally said...

To anyone reading John's screed who thinks there's a grain of truth in it (and there are a few grains), and who think with him that one of the ways to show your displeasure with the "currupt Dept. of Health and Human Services" (actually DSHS in Washington) is to vote for Dino Rossi, consider this: Rossi will slam shut the door through which my developmentally-disabled daughter and about 80,000 other DD Washington residents get Medicaid. The state can throw that particular program out because unlike standard Medicaid, it's a voluntary state program, and Rossi has said he'd do it to help cut spending.

Just another example of how Republicans are absolute pond scum. No offense intended, as my friend Bill always says.

John Sulmonte said...

I am so sorry Sally that I have returned to this so long after your post. Due to illness.
I sense you are one of those I consider pond Scum who works for the State DSHS and if you have not followed the news in our town over the past 18 months with actual video that Tim has posted on this site, or Channel 7 who showed state worker beating up 90 year olds, or the mentally ill man who was murdered at the hands of a State employee, EXPOSED BY A WHISTLE BLOWER AS A COVER UP. Or are you one of those who just care about yourself? Dino Rossi can not do anything you suggest on his own. PERIOD. NOT like Nichols who kills the homeless and clears their homes and trashes their possessions, AND IT STILL GOES ON, WITH PIG NICHOLS IN CHARGE. And for you to suggest that there are grains of truth in my statements, you SOUND LIKE ONE OF THE FEEDERS EMPLOYED BY THE STATE?

Because we my partner and I receive benefits he from Medicaid and i from Medicare and both programs have been cut drastically since Christine has been in office, YET SHE FOUND ENOUGH MONIES TO HIRE 17,000. NEW STATE EMPLOYEES. (READ THE PAPERS SOMETIME SALLY) NOW if you can tell me you receive Medicaid and your medical care has not be cut I will say to you....your a liar....if you do not receive Medicaid and are indeed one of feeders on the homeless and poor, then I say....shut up until you know what you are talking about as we have been in this system for years and have seen it under the dems decline constantly. So know of what you speak dear sally or at least talk to those who do receive Medicaid (AND I DO NOT MEAN THOSE THAT CAN BE CHERRY PICKED) and I can tell you alot of wonderful stories how everything from medical care to housing has been cut since Christine has been in office and she allows the abuse of Seniors to go unchecked by her abusive agencies such as adult PROTECTION SERVICE, OR COMPLAINT RESOLUTION DEPT.
Do you read the Times sally or just mother jones. They spend an entire summer every Sunday exposing the corruption between the State and the King County Justice System. Or maybe your a new arrival. Go to the times Sally and look it up. All the stories I mention are true. So I am extremely offended that someone like you who obviously knows nothing, dares suggest I have not told the truth and that there are grains of truth.....LOL You pitiful just like the rest who allow the pretense that Dems do better than Repubs.
PLEASE...... THIS TOWN I SO CORRUPT YOUR IGNORANCE MAKES ME SICK. Sincerely John Sulmonte 23 years resident of seattle, who has seen the likes of people like you piss on it. I am truly disgusted!!!

John Sulmonte said...

Dear Sally I forgot...I am sorry to hear about your daughter, but the programs are not voluntary, they are federal programs and what the states choose to do with the monies is their choice. Remember Block Grants under Bill Clinton?

I want any other persons reading my rant to sally to understand I look at the BIG picture of or State Not just my condition or my partners condition's.....but all of our conditions and how we all need to be addressed as humans and scum by DSHS employees or any other Government employee. Which is my greater point and of course the blatant corruption in this State and especially Seattle. Go to Nichols' web site he wants to improve service to the citizens. He wants us to take a survey and express our concerns. He is such a Pig he has and is continuing to destroy our City with the help of the spineless city Council. Read about the Tax credits for the rich developers with no benefit for the poor. READ SALLY AND yes they do take care of Some of the Children anyway. Call Adult Protective services on a Friday night to report abuse and if it is a child they will send someone immediately, if it is a senior you have to wait until they call you next week.I do not know your daughters condition, but pray she never has to be in the hands of the State if her condition worsens and that you never die.
If I die the State would be the ones to have to take care of him, I am praying friends will be there instead, because the State would kill him.