Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Always Leave 'Em Laughing

OK girls. It's time for bed.


I dunno. It's past your bedtime. Getting the ice cream took longer than I thought.

"But you said story!"

Yeah, but it's getting late. Tomorrow I'll do a story.

"Short story!"

Sigh. OK. Once upon a time, um, there was a fairy with a bicycle.

It's always about the opening line. If you get 'em there, chances are you'll have them to the end. I had Twin B's full attention.

"Heh, heh haaaaa! A fairy with a bicycle!"

Yeah. Her wings didn't work anymore, so she used a bicycle to get around. And she was really good at it, and could go really fast. But she really would rather be flying, because back when her wings worked, she could go to the moon. She missed that.

"Why did she miss it?"

I was starting to feel like I'd already talked myself into a corner when Twin B offered an assist.

"Because she missed her friends the aliens?"

Yeah, honey. That's it! She hadn't seen them for a long time. Not since her wings broke, because her bicycle didn't fly. But then she started to think that maybe it could. Everyday, she'd ride her bike down a big hill, and she'd spread her wings and the air would catch her. And everyday she could go a little farther. Until one day, she thought she was ready.

She rode her bike, fast, fast, fast. And when she got going her fastest, up she went, and she was on the way to the moon. But there was a problem. When she got way up high, the air got thin and didn't hold her up anymore, and she started to fall.

But just then, a huge flock of Bigbirds came by. And these were special birds who could even fly with no air. And some of them grabbed the fairy and some grabbed the bicycle, and they took her all the way to the moon. And the aliens had never seen a bike before. And the fairy started teaching them how to ride a bike.

"HEH HEH HAAAAAAAAA! Aliens riding bicycles!"

Yep. They were so happy! But soon it was time to go, and it was easier this time because it was going down hill. She just let go and started falling, and when she got toward the air, she spread her wings and glided down.

"Wow! What about the aliens?"

Well, they missed the fairy and her bicycle a little bit, but they knew she'd be back. The Bigbirds told her they'd help her anytime. So from then on, whenever the fairy wanted to go to the moon she could, and she always brought her bicycle for the aliens to ride. The end. Ok, goodnight you two. Did you like that story?

"Aliens riding bicycles! Heh haa haaa! Good one daddy!"


Bruce from Accordion Noir said...

That was a good one. I'll read it to my kids.

John Sulmonte said...

Very Happy your here in Seattle,Todays Song, Well it speaks for itself Tim. Have read much from past on Apesma's Lement and I must say your manner of education for your children should be mandatory for all our Supposedly liberal city.

I don't think we are in Seattle anymore TOTO.

John Sulmonte said...

Sorry I Meant Lament