Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hot Damn, It's Ken Schram

Here's yet one more bit of evidence that the Nickels propaganda mill has broken down: Ken Schram's KOMO commentary on Seattle's Big Lies. He's sounding a lot like me.

Between the photogenic haz-mat suits, the transparent lies, and the refusal to meaningfully answer the question of just where people are supposed to go, media credulity has largely turned to disgust and the City has lost their credibility. While the podcast isn't up yet, I've heard that Schram's KOMO 1000 commentary, which was pointedly directed to Greg Nickels, is even better.

As the Mayor's office pushes hard on escalating the pace of homeless sweeps, their Big Lie strategy doesn't work like it used to.
Here's one Big Lie. Tent City is a farce. The homeless can just go sleep in a shelter. Here's a another big lie. Seattle officials cleaned out homeless encampments in Queen Anne earlier this month out of concern for public safety. Want a dose of truth? There is no where near enough shelter for people who need it. … Maybe when Seattle city officials quit pretending that the best way to end homelessness in Seattle is by hiding it, Maybe when they figure out that homelessness is a big problem that is getting nothing but bigger, maybe those Big Seattle Lies will give way to a little truth.
In other news, I've been described as "urban idealist Tim Harris" over at Seattle Crime Blog ("collecting and documenting criminal activity from the Streets of Seattle") and have earned my own label. They seem to take great delight in quoting my more inflammatory comments (no shortage there) out of context. I feel honored.

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