Saturday, June 14, 2008

Seattle Times Editorial Board: Pointless

A Response to "Tent City: Pointless"

The Seattle Times "Editorial Board," which in the last six months has denigrated extreme poverty as "exercising the Huck Finn option," dismissed compassion for the poor as "sentimentality," and characterized homeless people's survival encampments as "tiresome," has migrated so far to the right in recent years as to make the Nazi Party look like the Democratic Leadership Council. A handful of elitist windbags sucking up to power and money. What is the point?

It cannot be to accurately inform the public. As a source of information, this so-called "newspaper's" editorial page is about as accurate as Donald Trump's Ouija Board, in that it's sole purpose is to intuit what the well-off want to hear and to treat matters of life and death like a parlor game. There is no regard for truth to be found here.

There will always be those who bend over backwards for the Mayor no matter what. We call them "ass-kissing hacks."

While many of the Seattle Times' reporters and columnists have proven themselves capable of grasping simple facts and engaging in occasional acts of empathy, The Seattle Times editorial board seems to have crawled up inside of Greg Nickels' ass and died.

The point of it is politics. It is to have well-housed people feel no guilt over the existence of homelessness.

As a newspaper, they have squandered whatever credibility they may have ever had. They have become tiresome. There are other newspapers. Read those instead.

Editorial boards who have no regard for truth and seem to enjoy beating up on those who have absolutely fucking nothing have no place in a civilized society. These are dangerous times, and a free press is the life-blood of true Democracy. Too bad the Times has sold out.


Dr. Wes Browning said...

Don't fall into the same habitual mistake that has been the mistake of liberals ever since at least the 70s. Don't let the Times get away with turning "politics" into a pejorative.

Acts of politics are attempts to exercise power. Politics is just a word for all the available tools for the exercise of power. Whether an act of politics is proper or valid depends entirely on what the power accomplishes. If the power accomplishes oppression, then say so. Don't say the bad person committed politics, say the bad person committed oppression.

By pointing at the tool rather than at the accomplishment, you denigrate the tool and let them take the tool from you.

The Times editorial staff knows what it's doing. They're getting us all to say, "No, no, TentCity isn't political" so they can back us into a corner where any exercise of power can be declared illegitimate.

The technique is familiar to sufferers of domestic abuse. The perpetrator uses power invalidly all the time. But when the victim shouts "No!" or hits back in self defense that's defined by the perpetrator as willfulness, and grounds for further abuse.

Tent City is BOTH necessary for survival AND a legitimate political act against oppression. The Times has served oppression by lying about it, telling the public that there is no emergency.

Notice how they played word games there, too. They ruled by their editorial fiat that the collective emergency of the homeless homeless is outside the definition of emergency. They are saying no state can constitute an emergency unless it is caused by an obvious common disaster happening at a single point in time, like Hurricane Katrina. We can't let them get away with that abuse of language.

We also can't let them get away with saying there is no homeless emergency on the grounds "there are shelter beds." There are half the shelter beds needed, and they know it. They are misleading people deliberately and maliciously.

Another analogy to domesticate violence is worth pointing out: They try to prove that Tent City can't represent a response to an emergency because it isn't large enough!

Again, it's all a familiar scenario. "You hit back hard, you're willful." Or (and often in reaction to an identical act of resistance!), "You didn't hit back hard, that proves you aren't hurting."

Dr. Wes Browning said...

Oh, yeah, and this is a lie: "We don't need to use tents — and nobody thought of it until some political activists at SHARE/WHEEL devised Tent City eight years ago."

SHARE/WHEEL didn't invent tents or the use of tents by homeless people. They invented the idea of bringing tenters together so they could protect each other from outside violence and fight against sweeps.

The use of the editorial "We" couldn't be more inappropriate.

Mike said...

Dr. Wes and Tim, y'all make my mind boggle.

Wes, I have heard no one make this essential point about "politics" except me, and you have just done it so much better. Poisoning this one word quite effectively constrains our willingness and ability to "exercise power." We're hamstrung when it come to talking sensibly about being political, and it's been weaponized as a tool that they use for shaming anyone who dares to confront them using 'political' means of any sort (which, as Wes points out, means any exercise of power at all).

And Tim, the one thing I forgot to bring up with you yesterday was the editor problem. Now with the good doctor's reenforcement, I am even more encouraged to press on.

I don't know what we can do, but this little exchange has made it clear that we must not concede anything. Dismissing the Times' brilliantly concise piece of propaganda or their entire editorial board as "pointless" is tantamount to saying, "I think the way you're jabbing that twelve inch butcher knife at me is invalid and a ridiculously inappropriate use of cutlery. You should go away."

These editors and the people they reassure certainly aren't going to go away, and they're not sold out either. They are invested in a very expensive, long-term portfolio that's been in the family for years. Their job is to protect its value by whatever means necessary. Our job is to prevent people from accepting their craven editorial "we" as the civic "we," they clearly intend.

Tim Harris said...

Points well takes. I was actually planning on going to bed last night at around 9:30. Last week took a lot out of me. Then I came across an email from a friend lamenting how sad the Times editorial was. I'd avoided reading it, since I've seen enough of their venom in the past to know what's typical, but when I did, it occurred that it would be easy to turn its basic structure around on them i parody, and that seemed a worthwhile challenge. So, in my semi-somnambulent state, I wrote. It felt a little like doing one of those kid's puzzles where you connect the numbered dots until a picture emerges. You are right. They are evil and dangerous, and politics is a tool, not a dirty word.

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"That's the standard operating procedure it goes. I no matter what, single has lousy weeks," said Woods. "Independently permitted to golf. It is what it is. Guys shoot 59 and don't win. Fantastic game."

Jason Age, the answerable to age Australian who won this year's Byron Nelson, and Ryan Moore both carded three-under 69s.

Phil Mickelson is in the afternoon lees swell of tee times, but birdied his oldest hole.

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Woods, who started on the 10th tee, flew escape of the barrier on Thursday with three birdies in his first four holes. He shared the recoil nutty b drawing card until an errant trekking at the 15th price him a stroke.

After the bogey at 15, Woods appeared to regress dorsum behind to his look of measure week. He'd upon insolvent shots and in a wink court after them. In single agree, Woods' driver flew exposed of his hands after consequences and the upshot was bogeys at the par-five on the fritz and the par-three seventh.

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Woods hasn't won a prime in 2010, a year he'd link up momentarily forget. He tied as a substitute for of fourth at both the Masters and U.S. Exposed, but hasn't draw nigh agree to contention since Pebble Beach.

Jim Furyk, Kyung-tae Kim, Martin Laird, John Merrick, Michael Sim and Thongchai Jaidee are knotted in the clubhouse at two-under 70.

Defending underwriter Y.E. Yang had an even-par 72 playing with Woods on Thursday.

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