Monday, June 9, 2008

I Married Strawberry the Mermaid

Twin B has a new little friend. She tells me all about her. Her name is Strawberry. She has an elephant friend who picks her up with his trunk to give rides on his back. He also sprays her with water. Strawberry is a mermaid. Her mermaid friends Cranberry, Orange, and Banana call her that because she smells like strawberries. They gave her a pink ribbon because it matches her name.

Things have been kind of rough for them lately because the King put them in jail and took away their tails. He gave them away to other mermaids he liked better. He shouldn't have taken away their tails. That was mean. He should have gone to the tail store instead. Strawberry got away because she had a key to the jail. She couldn't get her friends out though. She only had a key to her own jail. This makes her kind of sad.

Strawberry can still swim pretty well. Lot's faster than me. She can fly too, and walk and run. She doesn't really miss the tail. Her and I got married last week at a diner over hamburgers and french fries. We ate cake. It's a difficult relationship, her being a mermaid and all, but I love her and try to make it work. She spends a lot of time in the bathtub, and we go swimming together in the apartment complex pool. I think she's hot in an Annette Funicello sort of way. I'm in love.

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Pastor Rick said...

LUCKY! Those kind of women always go for the rough manly jail-bird types.