Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nashville Too

This documents a campsite clearance by Nashville Police where residents of a long established encampment were called "homeless pieces of shit" and given twenty seconds warning before officers hauled their stuff down a hill and threw it over a cliff. That city recently shut down a four-year old outdoor feeding program for health code violations and routinely tickets homeless campers for littering. Nashville's Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness was adopted in 2004.

What else is happening in Nashville? Read this analysis of the business climate and condo market from, "dedicated to serving the wealth based real estate market in the Middle Tennessee area."


Anonymous said...

Ontario California too.

katia said...

speaking of nashville, i've been following a blog by a homeless man who lives there:

he has some interesting insights on the issues of homelessness and recently had a post entitled, 'Poverty Does Not Cause Homelessness' which i can't say i fully agree with but it was interesting coming from a man who is homeless.

just thought you might be interested in having a look.

katia said...

something interesting about the sweeps. all the squats i've been in (plenty) were filthy - trash strewn everywhere and lots of it.

i ran into mocmoc recently who told me he's now staying in a georgetown squat under a bridge. he has his own squat and lots of kids stay in other squats in very close proximity to his.

according to mocmoc he keeps an impeccable squat. everything is very clean and orderly and he throws his trash out in a trash bag. recently the DOT did a sweep of the georgetown squats, completely cleaned out the trashed squats but when they came to mocmoc's they were so impressed with the cleanliness of it that they told him he could stay. a worker even brought him a trashcan the next day.

it makes me wonder if others who kept their squats clean would be similarly left unhassled.

raspberry ketone plus said...

I pity those whose "homes" have been abolished. Hope that government can do something about it to help them.