Sunday, March 30, 2008

Da Fockin' Union. It Works For You!

I've watched this twenty times and it still makes me laugh every time. An AFSCME PSA recorded in the 70's with an alternate voice over the announcer did for kicks, apparently rescued from the vault of some local TV station. It's everything unionism should be. Thanks to Bruce for pointing me to this gem. Some highlights from the YouTube comments:
  • I AM fuckin' AFSCME and I love this! I work for the State of Minnesota, and we are in contract negotiatiations right now. I hope our asshole Governor, Tim Pawlenty, has seen this so he knows we're fuckin" AFSCME and we don't take shit from NOBODY!
  • I noticed today that fockin' Clinton's got AFSCME's support. WTF? When did that broad ever make sure my kids didn't get run over by some hard-on?
  • It pisses me off that people think that decent wages, the weekend, the eight hour day, and everything good and decent about the modern workplace were gifted to the worker by the government or by "responsible corporations." Every one of these was won by workers united under union banners. Unions created the middle class and are putting up a helluva fight to maintain it.
  • I'm a proud fockin' membah. I bust my balls everyday so yooze fockas can have lights so yooze can see where you're goin' n' shit!
  • This is from back when the labor movement had a sense of humor. Then Reagan showed up, and we had to stop laughing.

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