Sunday, February 3, 2008

Your Valentines Day Date

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Jim Page said...

Hey Tim........ You know, I looked through Stampfer's book to see what he had to say about the WTO thing and he claimed that the SPD had to get tough because they had learned that the protesters had made their own chemical weapons! Don't you think that if this was true we would have heard about it from sources other than the Seattle Police? I am really surprised that you let this lying sack of s**t do a reading in your name. Not good.

Tim Harris said...

Well, if you read the rest of his book, you'll see that he's pretty much to the left of every other cop in the country in what he thinks policing should be about. To dismiss him because you're still pissed off about WTO is a bit narrow, don't you think?

Jim Page said...

I understand your concern about my narrowness. But until I see him take responsibility for what he did as chief of the Seattle Police Department he will have no credibility with me. We can’t let these people get away with it over and over again. Whatever else he may be saying to give himself liberal veneer, he is projecting the blame for the brutalities of those days onto the victims themselves. “I had to shoot him, he had something in his hand” – then it turns out to be a remote control. That’s the oldest dodge in the book.