Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last Night Sucked Life Again

Revel left this comment on a post where I linked to her blog. I found myself reading it over and over and decided to put it here. She's expanding on Last Night Sucked Life, her story of one night's medical crisis and getting left out in the cold.
On January 22, the scariest part was I was essentially a MIDDLE CLASS person (earned Medicare, not welfare Medicaid) when my ambulance arrived at Swedish Hospital (private not County). The medics kindly helped me get-in there when the ambulances were being rerouted (I mentioned I was a medic and a medical administrator before I got sick - no lie - pulled a favor).

STILL, afterward, I was sent out walking alone without a coat in fucking 22 degree weather at 4am. I lost eligibility for disability welfare and emergency taxi due to Top-Down budget cuts last year. And the hospital abdicates responsibility when you sign the release. In the cracks again. MIDDLE CLASS.

You can't get away from the breakdown in the system. Lower-Class, Middle Class. This is where it's going and it's unjust as hell. This is why we help the most vulnerable in the horrible sub-class of Homeless. Bottom to the top. This is how we are going to save ourselves.

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