Saturday, February 23, 2008

Warning: Violent Sexual Imagery

But nothing that didn't run prime-time in the late-60s. Below is Nine Inch Nails doing Closer to God over some very charged homo-erotic Kirk/Spock stuff. The video below is a more sensitive treatment of their love, over the Tim Buckley Hallelujah. It's a bit long, but it's a nice song.

I'd heard of Kirk/Spock fan fiction before, but never wanted to look. Today was the day. Wikipedia gives a decent overview, but it's a bit dry. Let's edge our way forward with browser settings on "safe" to the All Ages Kirk/Spock Archive.
The philosophy behind AAK/SA is simple -- there's nothing pornographic about being gay, and nothing obscene about love between men. There are no links to sites with explicit content here; no pictures of naked men; no sex scenes. Rather, it is a celebration of the love between Kirk and Spock that is accessible for a wider audience.
That is so nice! I little strange, but totally cool. Ok. Safety off. Farfalla's Adult Star Trek Fanfiction site has the stuff that you're afraid to ask for. Here's a bit from the beginning of Inside Jim, where Spock worries about an upcoming liaison.
Soon, I will be with him in a way I have never before experienced, in a way that many humans deem to be the most profound of all sexual activities. Soon, we will become so close that our bodies will overlap, occupying the same physical space in the universe. It is the closest physical equivalent of the Vulcan mind-meld, and I anticipate that it has potential to be as physically rewarding as the mind-meld is mentally rewarding.

However, I am not with my apprehensions.

I have considered myself a scientist since my father walked me through designing my first experiment at the age of four, testing each trinket and seed I found around the house to see if it would float or sink in a basin of water. And no scientist of biology can easily be ignorant of the immense microbial cosmos that exists within the human rectum.

It is not that I find Jim unclean, unsuitable, it is merely that... I find his internal microflora distasteful. After all, I fell in love with *him*, not them. And I do not consider them one unit, as if they were colony organisms like the Terran algae Volvox.

Wow. Hot. And no brief survey of the genre is complete without the kirk-slash-spock deviantART page, which isn't really all that deviant, unless you think it's weird to fantasize about Kirk and Spock having sex. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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"Uta" Urban said...

Heh. Visiting the dork side of the moon, eh?

"Slash" is the name for sexually themed fan fic. Literally comes from the slash symbol "/" used in the text line. Started in the 70's when Kirk-Spock stories were sent around the early M.I.T. intranet by randy computer chicks.

It gets better though. Now there are whole sub-genres like "/hurt-comfort". For example: Kirk falls off a lunar boulder and twists his ankle. There he lies prostrate, helpless - but not too hurt to get-it-on. Spock comes to his rescue, some romantic feelings are revealed, a tender kiss, then yada yada yada . . .

X-files, Quantum Leap, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Highlander, Smurfs (Smurfs?!). Lived with a science-fiction slash writer for 3 years. Poor me :)