Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Friends' Blogs Appreciation Day, Pt. 2

I haven't read any of my friends blogs for more than a month. I am consumed with guilt. My night time internet was limited for awhile to Cupcake Royale and street poaching. But last Thursday, I got broadband. Life is good.

I stole the Yes We Can John McCain parody video link up top from Hick with a Master's Degree, who I've missed the most. There's also this on the Time Magazine poll saying Clinton can't beat McCain, but Obama can.

From Gurldoggie we have a 1980's PSA of Laurie Anderson explaining the national debt, which has gone from around two trillion when the video was made to more like nine, and Josh Feit's unusually odd blog offers an up-close account of caucusing for Hilary.

Hylarious talks about covering the encampments story as editor of Real Change, and finally totally breaks it down for us:
But the big story, the story I could make my infant daughter understand in about two years, can be described this way:

1. Our city doesn't provide enough beds for people who need to sleep

2. Some of those people go sleep in the woods near the highway, or under the freeway overpass, or in the parks

3. Since remaining on this property — public property, as in owned by you and me — is not allowed, the city scares them off and takes their stuff.

Any three-year-old could then ask: Where are they supposed to go?

To which I'd reply: Good question.

I missed Up the Staircase too. Last Night Sucked Life, Revel's Jan. 22 account of medical collapse and getting kicked out of Swedish at dawn in below freezing temps with no coat makes me feel guilty for not reading her blog.


"Uta" Urban said...

Tim helped me to start my blog. He helped us to connect our goals in cross-class activism. I accepted my lower-class status and got effective. I'm so freaking tired today. Apesma, please feel unburdened of guilt as I jump-your-blog, guilt-free:

On January 22, the scariest part was I was essentially a MIDDLE CLASS person (earned Medicare, not welfare Medicaid) when my ambulance arrived at Swedish Hospital (private not County). The medics kindly helped me get-in there when the ambulances were being rerouted (I mentioned I was a medic and a medical administrator before I got sick - no lie - pulled a favor).

STILL, afterward, I was sent out walking alone without a coat in fucking 22 degree weather at 4am. I lost eligibility for disability welfare and emergency taxi due to Top-Down budget cuts last year. And the hospital abdicates responsibility when you sign the release. In the cracks again. MIDDLE CLASS.

You can't get away from the breakdown in the system. Lower-Class, Middle Class. This is where it's going and it's unjust as hell. This is why we help the most vulnerable in the horrible sub-class of Homeless. Bottom to the top. This is how we are going to save ourselves.

Stephany said...

Swedish First Hill dumped my then 19 year old to the parking structure via to armed security guards and a wheelchair.[at midnight]. When they found out she was off psych meds.

Though admitted by their own ER in another town for dehydration. A report was filed. Swedish has a bad reputation from one insider who told me those same guards removed a homeless man and broke his arm doing it.

I'd look into Swedish practices to begin with to expose probably more than we all want to believes happens there.