Wednesday, June 6, 2007

The Pen IS Mightier Than The Sword

Wow. Suddenly I feel like a real internet journalist. I received the following email today from Corey Habbas, declaring victory over the Soldiers of God:
Thank you so much for supporting this effort. I am really glad to have had you as a catalyst that sparked awareness to this whole issue via your blog. Also, I have good news! as a result of the petition and the article that appeared off of the Google news search this morning, the OTC issued a formal statement this morning to the reps that this product line would not be sold any longer. So as of this morning, they are no longer selling it.
Interesting to see that the Oriental Trading Company has visited my blog about 20 times so far today. And nice to know that little Apesma, which was about one month old when I posted Kill for Jesus, could spark this outcome. A Big Thank You to Corey for taking on the fight, and an even bigger thank you to Oriental Trading Company for recognizing that God, militarism, and kids toys is not an appropriate sales niche for a respectable company.

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