Monday, June 18, 2007

My Kids' First Political Discussion

Yesterday I'm driving home from Costco with the girls in the back seat and Twin B says, "Who's the President of the United States." And I say, "I dunno baby, who is the President of the United States?" And she says, very proudly, "George Bush!"

"Is he a good man, or is he a bad man," I ask?

In unison: "He's a good man!"

"Hmmm. I think he might be a bad man. He kills people, and he cheats, and he lies. That means he's a bad man"

They're at that stage where when they think they know something, they really hate to be contradicted. I can totally relate to this, since this is also the stage that I'm in.

"Nooooo," they both wail, "He's a good man! He's a goooood maaan!!"

"Who told you that?"

"Ms. Deepika, our teacher!"

"Well, some people think he's good, and others think he's bad. Every four years, people get to raise their hand and pick who gets to be President. Mommy and daddy never picked George Bush. We always pick somebody else."

"You picked that man!"

There's a bus next to our car, and the ad on the side has a huge headshot of some crazy looking guy who sells roofing or something. Twin A is pointing at him.

"Well, that man might make a better President than George Bush."

"Wriggly should be President," says Twin B. Wriggly is our neighbors dog. Twin A starts shouting, "Wriggly is President! Wriggly is President!"

"Wriggly might make a better President too," I say.

"Our teacher says George Bush is a good man," says Twin A. "But mommy and daddy say he's a bad man."

And so it begins.

Below is a picture from our vacation. Here I've settled in for the second of four consecutive episodes of Law and Order.


Stephany said...

Hey make sure by the time they are in public schools to teach them that teachers can get fired for voicing political or religious opinion on their students. I love little rebels.

Flipper said...

Law and Order? No wonder they are sleeping. Stephany lighten up the kids will figure it out for themselves. Hands up everyone who wishes to become a teacher.

Sally said...

I have an almost-five-year-old grandson. I also have a conservative ex-husband, who I held to the liberal side while we were married but in the 30 years since has sprung violently back to his natural inclination, which is that of a...well, anyway. So my grandson has started asking me if George Bush is a good man. I say he's not a bad man but he does bad things. Grandson: No, he does good things. I end the conversation since arguing with a five-year-old is a little silly. A week later he asks if George Bush spends money well. I say no. He says yes because George Bush is a good man. The argument lasts a little longer this time because I forget I'm arguing with a five-year-old. The next week, he asks how old I am and how old his grandpa is. I tell him. Then the NEXT week he says George Bush spends money well because he pays good soldiers to kill bad soldiers and that's good, and people who are older know more. Then I put it all together and remember yet again why I divorced his grandfather.

Stephany said...

i have dry humor flipper.

and, i am a teacher.and ive been reprimanded for this. its a fact in public school systems.cant teach kids your opinions.of course they will think for themselves, that is the point. we want kids to[think for themselves].
i was referring to them being little rebels with knowledge, and a voice.