Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lick My Decals Off, Baby

People who know me realize I have other obsessions besides a burning contempt for Philip Mangano. Homer, for instance. And Captain Beefheart. My blog's name comes from a thing he does at the end of Shiny Beast. I couldn't really say why I find it so damn amusing.

I'm just weird. Really, really weird.

This ad was produced in 1971 to promote one of his earlier albums, and has a Dada genius to it that most will never appreciate. The television station in LA wouldn't touch it, so the spot never ran. Fortunately this cultural artifact survives on YouTube.

I found this statement from the record company at the Beefheart website.
In the eyes of Warner/Reprise, the commercial is anything but obscene "We knew the station might not understand what we were doing, but we didn't suspect they'd turn us down cold. ... It's unfortunate that the station should be so frightened by it."

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