Monday, June 4, 2007

Say A Prayer With Leonard

For the past several weeks I've been listening to Leonard Cohen and Sharon Robinson's Ten New Songs CD at least once a day. In the last six years since it came out I've probably played this two or three-hundred times, and it still floors me. Becoming an ordained buddhist monk doesn't seem to have hurt his songwriting at all. There's a depth there that still feeds my obsession. The whole album feels like a prayer.
For the innermost decision
That we cannot but obey
For what's left of our religion
I lift my voice and pray:
May the lights in The Land of Plenty
Shine on the truth some day.
I prowled YouTube looking for something that does Leonard justice, and couldn't do better that this live performance of "Everybody Knows," which seems to have run on Spanish television sometime in the late 90s.


Mark said...

I love "Everybody Knows" also.

Revel said...

Sunday Mike and I made a Leonard Cohen CD for his mom, at her request. Said listen to "Everybody Knows". Is this a 12th monkey or something? Maybe everyone's just gettin' hip.