Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time is Running Out

When people ask how the Real Change summer fund drive is going, I usually say “great!” Not because it’s especially true, but because the real answer is more complicated than what anyone wants to hear. Since the drive began last May, our readers have responded with a whopping $54,984 in donations. This is almost $1,000 bucks a day.

By street newspaper standards, or for any small press community newspaper for that matter, this is a wonderful show of community support.

Our circulation, which has increased by 18% this year and at 12-13,000 copies per week, is at its highest ever. Last month we had 279 active vendors. Again, a new record. We’re having a great year.

But here’s the thing. Our goal is $140,000. This is to stabilize news team funding, accomplish our ambitious organizing goals, and fund the staffing we need to end our chronic overextension.

To hit that goal, we need to raise about $8,500 a day through the end of the month. We do that one donation at a time. Every last bit of support matters.

Lots of people think that Real Change will continue to produce quality journalism and effective poor people’s advocacy whether they help or not.

Think again. If we miss the goal, something’s going to have to give. Real Change makes a real difference in hundreds of lives every day. We are an essential resource for the progressive community. We are a unique and powerful advocacy organization with a track record of success. Our broad base of community support makes our work possible. Here's what you can do.
We have ten days left to the Summer Drive. If everyone does what they can, we can still make that goal. Let’s break some speed limits and see what this baby can do! Please see for more information.

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Stephany said...

the check is in the mail. good luck, and thanks for the hard work and dedication.