Thursday, May 8, 2008

Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

Dear Tim,

I just noticed your blog post of March 30 (Sorry, I hardly ever have time to read blogs), in which Tim Harris was favorably compared to none other than myself. I was wondering whether you got the really hard part of my message. Oh, sure, standing up for the poor is important. But we also need to stand up to empire. You may have noticed that I generally let the Romans off the hook. They were just too big and far away. But it was those fucking Pharisees that really got my goat. The accommodating middlemen.

I get so mad sometimes that I kind lose it. Sometimes more constructively than others. The whole fig tree episode was just dumb. I lost every enviro in Judea over that one. What can I say? I have poor impulse control. The Incident at the Temple, however, was something I planned. That was basically my Riverside Speech. I'd do it again.

Yeah, there is a line to walk. The crushing power of the state versus the Kingdom of God and all that. But let's face it. Love without courage is useless. We need to talk more. Stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

Dearest J.C....
I know you are into the martyr thing and all, but its pretty disrespectful if you compare yourself to tim harris....tim maintains an intellectually riveting blog, publishes a homeless newspaper written by housed intelligentsia, and calls people he disagrees with, adolescent names
all you do is miracles and healing...
shame on you
mary magdelene

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Magdalene,

J.C. "did" his miracles and healing pre-ascension(hellooo holy spirit). Now is the time for us to love and fight for justice together like we all have a stake in each other's survival. That's what I heard him say.

Shittily-housed Magdalene

Bill said...

being ordained I've spent enough time following Jesus to say this: As much as I too battle empire, and go to the halls of power, Jesus only went there went charged with a crime. Otherwise, he was in the streets, alleys, byways, homesl, town squares, on the country road, at the lakeside,... and even there, in those places, empire feared him. Does that give us a strategy hint?

Anonymous said...

What would Jesus say on the Seattle City Council pulling the plug on the public toilets?