Saturday, May 24, 2008

From The Ridiculous To The Sublime

Two more takes on Hey Joe. I posted an amazing "I'm not your trained monkey" version that Hendrix did for the BBC awhile ago, but here's more. First, a bunch of stupid looking white guys from 1967 nearly destroy a perfectly good song. David Crosby should have realized it wasn't his day when that thing crawled on top of his head to shit on his lip. Then, Marc Ribot sits in with uber-geeks Medeski, Martin & Wood and gets so far inside the same song that, somewhere in there, time ceases to exist.

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Bruce from Accordion Noir said...

The thing I realized about the Byrds when I heard this years ago, is that live, they were a garage-band. Their good recordings were all studio-recordings, crafted and careful. But they couldn't pull it together live. They weren't a very good garage band unfortunately, stoned or not. I guess they sound about par for the course if you don't expect much. But this is supposed to be THE BYRDS. Made me laugh when I realized they were human.