Friday, May 30, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Conversation with my five year-olds, mostly about the man in the picture.

Twin B: Who is that man?

Me: That's the man I was telling you about honey, who lost his place to live.

Twin A: We don't pick our ears. Or our noses. Or other people's noses. If you pick other people's noses, they bleed.

Twin B: That's so sad.

Me: I know honey. It made daddy cry.

Twin B: Where is he now?

Me: We don't know honey. They just told him to get out, so they could wreck his house.

Twin B: Why did they wreck his house? Why?

Me: Because his house was someplace they thought it shouldn't be.

Twin B: The forest!

Twin A: People shouldn't live in the forest.

Me: Some people don't have anywhere else to go. So they have to live in the forest. Some people like being alone.

Twin A: Is he a bad guy carrying a gun?

Me: What do you think Mica? Does he look like a bad guy?

Twin B: No! … Why is his mouth open?

Me: Maybe he's saying something.

Twin B: He's saying, "Why did they take away my house?"

Twin A: Why does he not have a place to live?

Me: Because he doesn't have money honey. You have to have money to have a place to live.

Twin B: Why doesn't he have money? Because he's old?

Me: You're probably right honey. You're probably right.

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