Sunday, September 28, 2008

Looking For Some "Friends"

I joined Facebook. This is new and scary. Maybe I should have gone with MySpace. Or perhaps there's something even better that only people under 35 know of. I'm not sure I get "it," but I did it anyway.

Maybe it's because I have some idea that on-line networking might actually be something that matters. Maybe it's because I'm turning 48 and want to pretend I'm still young. Maybe it's because I'm a self-promoting narcissist and I can't resist any opportunity to say "Hey, look at me!"

It wasn't hard to write copy in my profile and post a few videos, but I can't really say that I see the point. Perhaps someone can explain this thing to me. Be sure to speak slowly, and into my good ear


Dr. Wes Browning said...

Lean in and listen carefully.


MySpace sucks. FaceBook sucks.


You're not going to find friends online. But then, the fact that you're even looking online proves you don't really want friends. You just want validation that more people care about you than the five or six of us who will admit it to your face if you buy us a case of beer first.

That is also the kind of validation the "friends" you find online are looking for. You will become their "friend" only to fulfill their need to evade the gaping abyss that is the meaningless of their own (by choice or by ignorant neglect) soul-denying lives, by being able to point to some possibly sentient beings outside of their own barren selves that give a shit about their existences, enough to click on a link and write a lame 5 word note.


Anitra Freeman said...

I do think that online networking is something that matters. The recent experience of Nickelsville has even Michele Marchand, of all people, praising the usefulness of the internet for organizing.

I am more skeptical,though, about the use of the social network sites: MySpace, Facebook, even Care2 or Digg. I've tried using those sites to promote Nickelsville, and I've gotten comments on them, but the only people that physically showed up as the result of online communication were people I already knew, and had emailed.

But there ARE activists on Facebook! There are all people I already knew OFF of Facebook... Still, they are there -- and why haven't you found them? You haven't even joined the Real Change group! Or the NASNA group! Why aren't you Israel Bayer's friend? Or Rachael's friend? Or Philip Dawdy's friend? Get your mouse moving, man!

Or maybe you should just get a Daily Kos blog. :)

Anitra Freeman said...

I can't find you on Facebook! Did you use your real name, or are you signed up as a 16-year-old girl?

Tim Harris said...

I'm there, probably invisible among the other 400 Timothy Harrises. I've actually asked some of the people you mention, and one has even responded.

I'm starting to get it. I've been to some of my more high-powered activist friends' pages and reviewed their lists of 500 or so impressive friends, and noted the overlap. It's all very Kevin Bacon.

There's also a pathetic side to it. I looked up someone I know in Boston who has a unique name and she was there, with the note, "Meizhu has no friends." Not true.