Friday, September 12, 2008

Great Moments In Ukulele HIstory

Another blow-off post from the man who can't keep up. One of my peak concert experiences ever was Patti Smith doing Smells Like Teen Spirit last summer at the Showbox. This, had I seen it, may have rated a close second. The anthem of Generation X, played by the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain. Part of the charm here is that the audience can't quite believe what they're seeing. For comparison purposes, I've included Nirvana's brilliant original, which unexpectedly became the most popular MTV video of all time.

Below are college orchestra and piano versions of the same song. I usually don't go for videos with a still image, but the piano arrangement is so beautiful I'm making an exception.

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"Uta" Urban said...

Wiping tears from my eyes as I watch the fantastic GB ukulele version. Everyone can reach deep and pull-up the awkward hopelessness of a generation of youth fostered right here in Seattle.

Grunge - the last musical innovation of the middle classes to rip away the facade of consumer culture - and in tandem with the recession. Fuck, where are you now?