Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a G-D-C Kinda Thing

I was going to write about inequality tonight, but did this instead. I'm probably better off for it. I don't imagine the music obsession will take over this blog for much longer, but at the moment, it's sort of taken over my life. Knockin' On Heaven's Door isn't about the chords. Those, in my head, are just G-D-C, over and over and over again. It's about how you play them. This one puts me in a trance, for, like, eight minutes. I can use that. I really can.


Bruce from Accordion Noir said...

I like yr bunny.

Funny story: One day a clown was doing a free performance at Nativity House, the homeless drop-in center in Tacoma. (This is a true story.) He was making balloon animals and moving around the room with people. Finally, this big really mean-lookin' biker kinda guy steps up too close and says to him, threateningly, "Hey, Clown!"

"Make me a bunny."

sports handicapping software said...

sounds strange but sympathetic good!

Ronald Sprowal sr said...

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