Friday, August 24, 2007

Home Again Home Again Jiggety-jig

Who knew they wouldn't have WiFi at Kalaloch? Cel phones didn't work so great either. I kept panic at bay while was off-line for two days by bonding with my digital camera and drinking lots of scotch.

So, I'm going to try to keep up the pretense of daily posts, and play a little catch up. Here's the first one.

I was just at YouTube and only 19 of you have even watched my Moments in Time video! ANd so I'm posting it again below. Fucking watch it! Even better, pop it open and get that E Minor thing going and open it again in another browser so it plays over itself. Do that as many times as you like. Do this when you are stoned and it will be even better.


Anonymous said...

(jigggettteee jihgggetttyyyy pigggggetttttty pig pig pig porrrk porrrrk poinkk poinnk pinkkk pinnnk floyhhhhhhd floyyyhhhd lhhhooyyyd)

made yourself a pink floyd short - the sid barrett years

Mark said...

9am and the youtube page won't load, so can't see it.

Tim Harris said...

Well, it worked at 10:30, and 10 people have watched it since last night, so i'm hoping that if you try it again whatever the problem was will have gone away. If all else fails the Utube URL is:

Stephany said...

im the last person in the world with dial up internet and its just not funny when i try to watch youtube stuff when 30=15 min LOL/.

Anonymous said...

"pink floyd sid years" refers to "The Metaphor". Splendid.

But this one is quite pretty.