Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Class Warfare's a Bitch

This from The Stranger's SLOG. Creighton's email came three days after the premature declaration of victory at Lora Lake a few weeks back. When these guys push pack, they basically shove you through a plate glass window and then piss on you while you bleed.

The Port will vote on whether to demolish the Lora Lake Apartments this Thursday. While the Burien building has become an important symbol for the loss of affordable housing in the region, it's still just a symbol. The actual problem is much larger than the 162 units at stake here.
From: “Creighton, John”
To: “Edwards, Bob”
Sent: 7/27/2007 5:13pm
Subject: Lora Lake motion


I want to touch base on our next meeting. I agree with Lloyd that your actions in bringing up the Lora Lake matter without notifying your colleagues (even Alec who supports your position) were disrespectful and contrary to any sense of collegiality or building trust with your fellow commissioners.

In the last two years, you have at different points criticized each one of your fellow commissioners for allegedly keeping information from you or blindsiding you. In my opinion, your actions are of an exponential magnitude worse than anything any other commissioner has done to blindside the commission in the last two years. Unlike other instances, your actions were blatantly premeditated to embarrass the Port and to embarrass your colleagues, all for selfish personal gain at our expense. If you truly had cared about building a coalition to save the Lora Lake apartments, you would have gone about it in a much different way.

Lloyd is a very patient, forgiving and tolerant soul, much more than I am. I want to assure you that I will be back in town on 8/9 and very much in full control of commission meetings. I am the chair of the commission, and will remain chair until replaced by a majority vote of my colleagues. Until that time, I am in charge of the meetings and will not tolerate any bullshit, neither from you or any other commissioner.

It will be my perogative as chair (1) whether we hear any sort of motion on Lora Lake, (2) in what form and language any such motion will take, and (3) whether or not we have any public testimony. If you object to any of that, you are free to form a coalition with 2 of your fellow commissioners to replace me as chair. If you are disruptive in the meeting, I will not be afraid to either gavel you down or take other action.

I hope that I am making myself crystal clear, but if not, I am happy to follow up with you in person.

I believe that your blatant political grandstanding has done a huge amount of damage to the Port at a time when we were moving beyond all the bullshit and scandal of the last half year. I am looking forward to January, when I hope that we will have a new commissioner in position 2 who has the maturity and the integrity to help move the port forward on the important issues of competitiveness that we really need to be focusing on. But, alas, that is the subject for a separate email.

Sincerely, John


John said...

"You agreed to work with people who were calling attention to a problem we're creating. That's done a huge amount to us. Not the original problem -- that would have created no damage."

Good for Edwards for leaking the email. That's Creighton's kind of collegiality! Hardball!

The Port has so much power, and the voters don't understand it or pay much attention. "They aren't the City, and they aren't the County, and they aren't the State or the Feds, so they must not be important." Crazy.

bill said...

I still await his exercising his perogative (sic). Maybe he'll do that as well as he sends civil emails; but then, isn't that the perogative of a despot who'd rather ignore the last seven-to-ten years when the Puget Sound region woke up and said, "Whoa Nelly! Where'd all these homeless people come from?" Perhaps Creighton has been lunching with a certain county (shall go nameless)council person whose remedy was to fix up a few old ships and house the homeless there. Perhaps that's why land-based housing is so trivial,...