Monday, April 7, 2008

Seattle Indymedia Center Is Back, Sort Of

After birthing the global Indymedia movement during the WTO protest. Seattle's Indymedia Center atrophied into near non-existence for awhile. It was a sad irony, brought on I've heard by poor collective management and tiresome infighting where the last ones standing weren't necessarily those best equipped to build a powerful alternative media. Other than a website, Not much has been happening there.

Pepperspray Productions is getting the IMC new visibility with their weekly 28-minute show on Seattle Cable Access Network, which airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 pm. While the IMC hasn't gotten their act together yet to mention or link to the show on their website, they should. It's the best thing they've got going.

Being someone who doesn't have a TV, much less cable, I'd of missed out had they not featured Real Change recently and told us to watch. Fortunately, they upload the show everywhere and it's easy to find online from the Pepperspray Productions site, where there is also a list of additional public access stations that carry the show.

While I think the left has better things to do than attack Michael Moore and Naomi Klein for publishing on corporate presses, I loved their edgy version of a talking head that does the news round-up, and will be checking out the show online.

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