Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Baracky: The Sequel

This morning I'm sitting alone at the kitchen table reading the news and found myself talking out loud to my laptop. I said, "Oh fuck you Hilary. Fuck you." The offending line was where she said "I am in this race to fight for every one who has been counted out." Yeah. Right.

It's a good line, but it has no meaning. And that is her entire problem.

I'm starting to hate her almost as much as I hate Bush. No. That's not true. I really, really hate George Bush.

Pennsylvania means the pit bull is still in the ring, demeaning hope, arguing for accommodation, lowering expectations, and doing damage in general. But Barack is still ahead. He still has twice as much money. And he's still three times more genuine than Hilary. Here's this, because this morning you need something to make you laugh.

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