Thursday, December 13, 2007

Less To Do: Jeff Lebowski or Gil Kerlikowske?

Half-assed Blogospheric Journalism Alert: I threw this up last night while I was drunk, and have confused Police Chief Gil Kerikowske with West Precinct Community Policing Commander Paul Gracy. Unfortunately, I can't think of any amusing Paul Gracy rhymes that would justify an alternate poll. Since these polls are completely unscientific and largely meaningless, I'm not going to sweat it. But here's my promise: if any of you think of anything, I will pull the Kerlikowske/Lebowski sham poll and replace it immediately with your inspired idea.

UPDATE: The Kerlikowske/Lebowski poll closed after just 14 hours with a 13-0 decision that Kerlikowske has less to do than the stoner dude. But this poll was based on false information, and we offer this new poll instead: who's the biggest crimebuster? Seattle's Sgt. Paul Gracy, or comic book supercop Dick Tracy.

This week's Real Change has another Adam Hyla encampment follow-up story, where Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske contradicts Human Services head Pat McInturff by saying that homeless campsite clearances have been suspended. He then offers the tantalizing detail that he, Chief Kerlikowske, is out tromping around the greenbelts personally in order to photograph and document conditions. OK. This is bizarre. Were he not spotted by the media recently doing just this, I wouldn't believe it. Can't he just order an underling to plant some evidence? Why is this a job for the Chief?

This brings us to this week's poll. Who seems to have less to do? Iconic stoner Jeff "the dude" Lebowski, or Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske? As always, make your opinion known at top right.

For those who crave closure, the results of last week's poll are in. 45 of 1,035 visitors cast their ballots to deliver a landslide verdict: It's 38-7, the Seattle Times most resembles a corporate lapdog, as opposed to a fat ugly hog.


Jim Page said...

I met Chief Gil Kerlikowske at the first anniversary of the WTO. There were some young people camped out on 4th Ave around Bell and Seattle had sent out its finest armored goon squad. Something was going to happen soon and there civilian hanging around, including me. And there he was, Gil Kerlikowske, leaning against a patrol car with his hat cocked a rakish angle. He was talking to a guy on a bike with a cap that read: "Legal Observer." Kerlikowske asked him "why are you here?" The man patiently tried to answer what I thought was the dumbest question of the century. The chief didn't get it so the guy rode off on his bike. I stood there looking at Super Cop. "Why are you here?" he asked me and I smiled. "I'm here because we are entering into a full fledge police state and I want to see what you guys do." "Police state," he said, "what police state?" We were a mere 20 feet away from a platoon of black-armored city troops. The he said, "If you want to see what happens why don't you go home and watch it on TV?" "Because they have editors who make sure that I only see what they want me to see. And because you guys hurt people when nobody’s watching. And because you are a liar and a thug." And I walked off. I'm surprised he's still here...

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