Monday, May 28, 2007

Please God, Make It Stop

"L-O-V-E. There's a lot inside of me. L-O-V-E. There's a lot to share."

This 26 seconds of hell is brought to you by my kids' daycare for Mother's Day. The one in the middle of the front in the purple dress is Twin B, and the one off to the far right who looks as though she might be on another planet altogether is Twin A.

My turn is coming up. For Fathers Day, I get to miss half a day of work so I can drive to some park, eat hot dogs, and make small talk with a bunch of other dads who probably don't want to be there either. I've been told that the girls will be looking for me. Blowing it off isn't really an option.

Personally, if I'm going to miss work to be with my kids, I'd really rather take them to the beach or something on my own, but that's because I don't do social convention so well. I'm liable to offend someone just to liven things up. Who knows, maybe I already have.

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S. P. Miskowski said...

Wow. That's pretty swell. The only unfortunate thing about it is how much it reminds me of the Democratic Party!