Thursday, May 24, 2007

Help Get Real Change Up To Speed

We're three weeks into our summer fund drive and a bit over $35K toward our frighteningly large goal. Should it be hard to raise $140,000 to help homeless people in a city with 36,000 millionaires? Probably not, but that's not how it works. Raising money is never easy.

But it's important, so we do it anyway.

As you may have heard, we want to expand our organizing capacity, shore up support for the newsroom staff, and get a little administrative help so that people like me aren't wasting their time keeping the books and crap like that.

There are all sorts of ways to help.

You can click on the badge at the top right to make a donation at Network for Good, or to watch a short video about our work. You can also install a badge just like it on your own website until our drive ends and encourage folks to help.

You may also head over to our wiki to find out how our 20/20 campaign works and find online and printable tools that make it easy to ask your friends to support our work.

We just decided to have a used book sale in Ballard the last weekend of June to end the drive with a final push. If you'd like to donate books, contact Joe Bushek.

Or, you could just send a check to Real Change at 2129 2nd Ave., Seattle, WA 98121.

The staff of Real Change is in a death match with the board to see who can raise the most money in the 20/20 campaign, and I'm hoping that this blog is our secret weapon.

Actually, it's not a death match. I think the winning group gets a keg. But we like beer, so please help. If you want to help us drink it, we'll even invite you.

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