Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Rachael's taking piano lessons."

Of the four Change Perspective public service announcements that Wongdoody made for Real Change in 2004, this one has always been my favorite. The misery of the cold rainy day on which this was filmed, the weight of the script, and the rawness of the emotions make this a truly uncomfortable 30 seconds.

In the other PSA's, the participants are kind of playing at their lines. This one, however, feels dead serious. Our volunteer professional seems to be struggling, while the volunteer Real Change vendor seems angry but emotionally flat, like she's too tired to care. I don't know what they were feeling. I never asked and it was a long time ago. But whatever it was, this one, to me, is more unsettling than the others.

These PSA's were recently updated with our current logo and brought out of retirement. You can view the others at multimedia page of the Real Change wiki.

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