Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Proof I'm A Red

Here I am at last month's Real Change fundraising breakfast. I was saying something about the importance of protest politics, and how people need to stir shit up if anything's ever going to change, when suddenly, my fist, seemingly of it's own volition, rose unexpectedly into the air in front of 450 friends and friends of friends. The fist reached its ten o'clock apogee before I became self-conscious and stopped, thus falling short of the full on Panther-style noon position. I'm sure that, had I pushed past that moment of doubt and extended my fist high into the air, the crowd would have lept to to their feet and ran to the nearest barricade. My friend Revel caught the brief moment, but the photo was a bit blurred. Ever resourceful, she made it black and white and added a slight grain effect to get that endearing 70's radical FBI telephoto lens effect. It makes me laugh.

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