Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ode To Pumpkin Pie

Tonight the girls came home from Kindergarten singing a new song. I remembered it as my first feat of lyrical memorization. I was going to be the last kid in second grade to get it. Then, on the playground, while picking those little red berries that spit seed in a weapon-like manner when you squeeze them, Pat Lambert let me in on the secret. You can sing and it sticks. I was amazed. Twin B got all shy when we went to record, and her version was different from the one I knew. I tried getting tab off the net, and this, amazingly, got me nowhere. If the chords to this classic are anywhere online, they'll probably charge you $5 to download it. Weird. So, I played it the way it sounded to me, and turned it into a rocker.

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