Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Magic of Real Change

I'm often left feeling quite humbled by the amazing work of the volunteers to put in incredible hours to make what Real Change does possible. Today was one of those days.

Documentary filmmaker, improvisational actor, real estate agent, and all around super woman Amy Sedgwick produced a video for our annual breakfast tomorrow morning and, were I capable of being moved by the sound of my own voice, I think it just might have made me cry. She did a beautiful job of capturing what's transformational about Real Change. Watch and see what I mean.

Amy also recently produced the video for The Gratitude Campaign, which is spreading the word about a simple way to show appreciation to members of the armed services. Please visit the site and see what that's all about.


Mark said...

Nice video!

katia said...

Honestly, I hardly heard a word you said since the visuals were so absorbing and genuinely moving.
They said it all.