Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dr. Wes Unplugged

This come hither shot of Dr. Wes Browning was taken around ten years ago at the Real Change office. I think we were trying to get a speakers bureau photo. You want this guy coming to your kids' school. Right?

My favorite blog anywhere these days is what Wes calls his Runoff Blog. Between Wes' weekly Technocrati Sucks feature, in which he always finds a new, innovative way to say, well, Technocrati Sucks, his ongoing childhood memoir (Wes' parents tried to kill him when he was one year old, but only succeeded in causing brain damage that resulted in perfect recall of events through the age of four), and his always astonishing and incredibly eclectic UTube video offerings, I find myself dropping in around five times a week to see what's new. One of his latest video posts, a 1932 Max Fleischer cartoon built around an appearance by the Mills Brothers, is simply jaw dropping, as is this post of a Lindy Dance competition of kids going nuts over Sweet Georgia Brown. You can't watch either of these without feeling very, very happy.

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