Monday, March 19, 2007

Hey, Look at Me!

Keeping a blog has to be one of the more narcissistic acts in the writer's repertoire. So it was really just a matter of time until I went there.

Now that I have, I find myself actually wanting people to read the thing. I know that my dwindling circle of friends has better things to do, so what I really need is access to a enormous pool of losers. Naturally I turned to the Internet.

On the advice of a fellow blogger who admits to spending time analyzing his visitors' IP addresses, I registered at "55 million blogs," the site promo reads, "some of them have to be good."

I like this, because it speaks to the slim odds of actually finding a blog worth reading. Say that, generously estimating, there are 50,000 blogs in the world that more than ten people want to read. That means that any blog one randomly stumbles into has a less than 1 in 1,000 chance of not sucking.

This seems about right.

I'd like to think that these comfortably low expectations make me a blog rock star waiting to happen. With a Technorati rating of 1,852,099, there's nowhere to go but up.


Dr. Wes Browning said...

I claimed Adv.s in Bloggery at Technorati 45 days ago. Since then, I have pinged them 6 times, once after each new column, and they have as yet not acknowledge any update. It says, "last update 45 days ago." I want to shoot Technorati in the head at this point, to get its attention. Let me know if they detect your updates. If they do, I'll try to figure out what you're doing that I'm not.

Tim Harris said...

Technocrati apparently sees me, since they hace updated tags since last night and a blog link from today. My "nowhere to go but up statement, however, was apparently false. My rating has actually fallen by about 6,000 since last night. Maybe if you linked me from your blog I'd regain some lost ground, he said, pathetically.

Dr. Wes Browning said...

Maybe what I did wrong was to skip the embedded widget business. There I go again, omitting the normative social courtesies, once again proving my school counselor was right, I AM maladjusted.