Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grand Slam

During our civil disobedience training last Saturday, someone asked what the strategic objective of getting arrested on Tuesday might be. I said this was our third protest encampment and we needed to ramp things up. "The city propaganda mill is in full swing," I said, "and we need a grand slam to get the media coverage we need right now. This will get it." While the coverage of Seattle's homeless sweeps was already turning, The encampment and arrest of fifteen advocates took it to a different level. Local coverage was phenomenal, and the story went at least as far as Chicago. Nearly all of it was the sort of coverage we wanted to see. Here's a partial list, with links.

Meanwhile, the City just hired a media guru for $160,000 to try and regain their spin. This is what the soulless do when they're losing. Our media relations work was done by a volunteer. This sort of thing is less expensive when you don't have to lie.


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